Jellycat Bashful Bunny and Other Soft Toys That Are Great For Gifts

Putting a smile on a childs face

a jellycat bashful bunnyOne of the great ways to express your emotions to a baby or young one is through buying them a fancy gift. Not only do gifts such as toys make the little ones happy, they also elate their emotions and make them feel highly appreciated. When looking for an amazing soft toy for a gift, Jellycat is a leading brand based in the UK, specializing in the production and global supply of a variety of soft toys made from high-quality fabric and adorable looks. Having been in the industry for close to two decades now, the giant toy manufacturer provides various options in different sizes, colors, and looks. One of their most popular gift toys is the jellycat bashful bunny, which can also be found in various sizes and makes to suit the age and gender of your kid as a gift. But why are jellycats considered as great gifts?

A Wide Variety

If we were to list down all the available Jellycat toys in the market, we would either run out of time or paper. Some of the major soft toy categories from this brand include the Jellycat Blossom Bunny, Jellycat Bashful Bunny, Jellycat Beatrice Bunny, Jellycat Cordy Roy, Jellycat Doll, and the pink bunny, most of which have subcategories in terms of size, color, materials, design, look, and feel. Your options are almost limitless when you walk into a gift shop or search online.

Adorable Look And Feel

More often than not, the perfect gift for a baby has to look appealing and tender to hold and cuddle with. Some of them are quite soothing for babies. A good example is the Jellycat Bobtail Bunny Soother, which can be ideal for toddlers for snuggling on as they get sleepy. The Jellycat Bunny Blossom Floral and the jelly cat muffin bunny are other ideal examples among many others.

High-Quality Soft Toys

Being manufactured by a leading company that has been around for close to 17 years, you would expect, you wouldn’t expect compromise in Jellycat product quality. The toys are made from superior quality fabric and other durable soft materials to ensure the preservation of your kid’s memories or those of the gift-child through the test of time.


A great gift doesn’t have to be expensive. As a matter of fact, how and when you present it is what mostly makes a difference. From the wide range of soft toys they stock, you can find jelly cat options in store that will pretty well match your budget. Their impressive affordability makes jellycat toys great for a gift. When looking for soft toys over the internet, conduct a proper search to find a reliable store before buying. Also, consider things such as the recipient’s age, gender, favorite color, and timing. If looking for recommendations, the jellycat pink bunny can be a great option to go for.